Since the end of WWII, Americans have had a lackadaisical love affair with leftism. Stalin helped us beat the Nazis, so he couldn’t be all that bad, and FDR posed in pictures with him, so maybe he was an okay guy. Maybe his philosophy and views deserved a fair hearing. The door was opened. Communism, Socialism (communism’s less psychopathic cousin), Atheism, hatred of the bourgeoisie and capitalism all entered the American political and cultural universe in a way previously unimagined.

Granted, all of these things existed before in America, but never to such depths. In our college classrooms and in our publishing houses, hordes of new converts descended upon the mushy masses, regurgitating Marx’s utilitarian arguments across the spectrum, and a generation of acolytes, schooled to hate themselves and their neighbors was born.

An entirely new political philosophy was born, one in which the primacy of the Individual, blessed with freedom, but bound by the limits of personal responsibility, was replaced by the Comrade – freedoms are determined by the group, and responsibilities are owed to the group (see enforced equalities, religious bigotry, sexual discrimination, etc.).

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is the latest incarnation of this gangrenous philosophy. A group of people, who, troubled by perceived or real inequalities, angered by corporate cronyism, questioning the nature and the origins of American economic collapse and worried about the future, have taken to the streets in protest.

But protest against what and whom? Protest against the President whose policies and regulations have made it so impossible to have a successful business that could hire many of these protesters? No.

Protest against leftist members of Congress who have sold their constituents down the river time and time again with burdensome regulations and taxation? No.

They protest against business owners by raiding their stores’ wares, and by flooding their bathrooms. They protest against their communities by squatting in parks – the excrement ankle-deep. They protest against the police for trying to keep the streets clear for the public. They protest against banks for deigning to charge them for their student loans.

This then, is the fruit of leftism. This is the progeny they promised us for so long, telling us that if only we turned our backs on Western values, on Manifest Destiny, on our backwards religions and dogmas, we would unleash a new Citizen of The World, serious and erudite, unburdened by ancient superstitions, worshiping science and reason, concerned with bringing peace, justice and equality to the world.

Up until now, leftism could always claim that its philosophy would unleash the best in all of us, that leftism would bring the world together. With OWS on our screens every day, everyone can now see the truth. Everyone can now see the result of the experiment. An entitled, embittered and tyrannical mob, without values (because values imply judgement of right and wrong, and each should decide for himself), without the sense of responsibility (because we are all one tribe, and what belongs to one belongs to all), without the sense of earned freedom that our forebears treasured above all else (because to be free is so much hard work). The ultimate slogan of the OWS mob is “Feed Me. Clothe Me. Shelter Me. I Hate You.”

Now we see.

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