Israel is caught in a completely untenable situation.

On the one hand, they have relied on the USA as an ally for so long, and have had such a close relationship with the American government, that coordination and cooperation on military matters became commonplace over the last few decades. Indeed, Israel relies on America for much of her armaments, and technology.

On the other hand, the Obama administration has become so hostile to Israel that the Israeli government no longer feels the confidence and closeness it had with previous administrations. While talk of open disdain between Obama and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is rejected by American officials, the opposite appears to be true in Israel.

With Iran now on the verge of creating their first nuclear weapon from what they claimed were “peaceful domestic energy production” facilities, Israel faces the choice of having to take action on an existential threat – and not talking about it to their closest ally in the world.

It’s much more likely that if a “hot” war was to begin between Israel and Iran, especially if Iran was to retaliate after an Israeli strike, Israel could choose to deploy nuclear weapons on Tehran. As American forces withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, and NATO forces are leaving Libya, a conflagration would erupt, swallowing Syria and Lebanon as well.

Jed Babbin at The American Spectator has a chilling read on the situation:

“…Israel’s military will be stretched to the limit in attacking Iranian targets that are a long flying distance from Israel, and are both dispersed and – in many cases – deep underground. If it chooses to attack, it should also judge that suppression missions against Hizballah in Lebanon and against Syrian missile forces are an essential part of the plan. Such an attack will ignite a theater-wide war that Israel may not survive.”

Read the rest (as they say) here.

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