Thinking about the despicable attack on the Catholic Church by the Obama Regime, I’m disappointed to see so many liberals (some of whom I know personally) who in the past would scream that the Constitution advocates “separation of church and state” (it doesn’t), yet have no problem whatsoever with government interference in church doctrine, and are vociferous in regard to their support of the heavy-handed decree that fundamentally violates the First Amendment protections of Freedom of Religion.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Liberals and Democrats who claim that they care about traditional, historic family values and faith as its bedrock foundation have much in common with a Chinese government who claims to care about human rights and individual liberty. The empty rhetoric just rings false, and no matter how many times they say it, it will never be true.

The thing that they will never understand is that there is a reason that protection of religion is the first part of the first amendment of the Constitution. The reason is because it was critically important to the Founders. They realized that everything they were doing, everything they had fought for (and some died for) was founded upon this most basic of rights. They understood that all other rights extended from this primary right. Their belief and trust in a Supreme Creator and the rights with which he had endowed mankind made them realize that a future Government needed to be restrained from tyranny with the written protection of the freedom of men’s conscience.

In the final analysis, the Obama Regime’s HHS (Human Health and Services) mandate to religious institutions – backed up with the chilling threat of persecution by the full power of the American government‘s intimidating legal prosecution and ruinous fines – is morally equivalent to the Jim Crow laws of the Democrat dominated South of the first half of the 20th century and the terrifying fear imposed by the KKK. They should stop calling themselves “progressives”, as they haven’t progressed at all; they’ve only moved on to new targets.

Equally disgusting was the attack from the left on the Susan G. Komen foundation for the Cure, following the foundation’s decision to cease funding to Planned Parenthood (for mammogram screenings which they do not provide), and the ending of the relationship between the two groups. Since Planned Parenthood is most commonly known for providing abortion services, as well as contraception and abortifacient services, and “parenthood” is contravened by all of these approaches, it seems logical to conclude that a change in identity is warranted. A commentator I heard on the radio referred to the group as “Planned Barrenhood” – seems perfectly appropriate to me.

Saturday (February 11, 2012) was a busy night – the CPAC meeting was ending on a high note with Sarah Palin’s fantastic speech, as well as Mitt Romney winning the straw poll. Overseas, Athens was burning as protesters against austerity measures rioted. And the Obama Regime was preparing to release its “budget” (I place that word in quotes for sadly obvious reasons) which had policy wonks and pundits yammering. However, you would have had a hard time finding out any information about any of these topics on any of the news channels, as the most critically important story of the night was the death of pop music performer Whitney Houston. That is the level to which our media – who constantly take much of their time to remind us how important they are to a “free society” – has sunk.

Thinking a bit more about China (which I referenced earlier) – I’ve arrived at the conclusion that the Obama Regime is the American version of Chairman Mao‘s Cultural Revolution: disastrous policies put in place to achieve devastating results, destruction of the hope of financial independence and freedom of future generations, and a fundamental restructuring of societal norms and values. Making all of it even worse: our massive and growing debt is financing the growth of China’s military. We are paying for our greatest rival’s arsenal.

Until next time!

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