“In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.” Galileo Galilei

Liberals and leftists consistently claim that science (as they define science) has all the answers to the world’s problems, and that if politicians would implement policies based on scientific data and recommendations, all our problems would be solved. However, when you really look deeply into what they imply when they say “science”, it is science without a conscience, science that makes no judgments about whether or not the outcome would be aligned with our values or not. It is in a very real sense, pseudoscience. It is not discovery for the betterment of society or the advancement of humanity, but rather, an unearthing of the means by which to exert greater and greater control on the population. Liberals hide their radical agenda behind the term “science” in order to carry out their schemes for a Leftist Utopian society.

Worse still are scientists who (although they claim otherwise) are neither devoid of passion nor bias, but on the contrary, the exact opposite. Time and again (so much so that it has become ubiquitous) they have presented findings, written articles, and earned grants and prizes based on falsified data, upon methods that defraud their colleagues and the public, and upon agenda-driven research that dismissed legitimate questions as heresy. This has allowed liberal political leaders (democrat and socialist) to claim that the “science” behind their policies is indisputable and enjoys near universal agreement, when the exact opposite is true.

The growing disconnects between science and values are alarming. While scientists claim that their “dispassionate” and “detached” application of scientific principles to solving problems is without damaging consequence, the fact remains that history has proven far too many times that science unhindered by values and unencumbered by morals and ethics leads tragically and horrifyingly to people and events like Dr. Joseph Mengele, the Nazi “Angel of Death”; Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s socialist-driven eugenics proposals to control the populations of ethnic minorities and the poor; and Chinese policies that pursued avoidance of overpopulation, such as their one-child policy. Embryonic stem-cell research relies completely upon the destruction of human embryos, essentially creating human life in order to harvest it (vampire-like in its cold-bloodedness).

One of the worst consequences is that flawed science regularly becomes the impetus for and foundation of wrong-headed government policy. Take for example, the conceit du jour – Al Gore‘s schizophrenic, hysteria-induced “global climate change” – in which arrogant, biased scientists performed experiments, compiled data, conspired to waste trillions of taxpayer dollars in order to “prove” pre-determined, politically correct conclusions. When data and facts did not fit the narrative they intended to create, or caused leftist politicians problems, the information was altered, re-formatted, excluded or “corrected” until the desired result was achieved. Meanwhile, the public was consistently told to disregard these minor errors, to leave the thinking to scientists, to end the debate. Billions of dollars have been wasted at all levels of education to indoctrinate the young to believe that changes in the climate are the direct result of human interaction and would not have happened otherwise. Liberals like to claim that this belief is “established scientific consensus”, and is beyond dispute, beyond debate – and encourage the disparagement of anyone who says otherwise. A growing number of highly respected scientists (from around the world, across all disciplines) are making their objections known, and with the release of internal emails and data showing collusion and documenting the fraud perpetrated on the public, the issue is receiving greater scrutiny.

Liberals and Leftists do not have a monopoly on science. As much as they would like to claim that their ideology is based upon reason, logic and scientific method, the inverse is exactly true. While they claim reason, they are driven by hunger for power. They claim logic, but seek to destroy anyone who rises to object or disagree. They claim science – but rely instead upon the mob.

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