Democrats always scream that Republicans are racist. Any time that Republicans do anything that the Democrat party doesn’t like, the very first charge against them is usually one of racism. Cutting a program – racist. Requiring identification for voting – racist. Voting against Obama – racist. But it doesn’t take much to realize that by looking into the recent past true racism can be revealed. It is almost a near 100% certainty that while not all Democrats from the 1860’s to 1960’s were members of the KKK, it is abundantly clear that all the members of the KKK were Democrats. If that’s not racism, I don’t know what is.

Liberals always accuse Conservatives of their very own crimes and faults as an effort to hide their guilt – like a serial killer who claims when she is finally caught that the police are equally as guilty of the murders for failing to catch her. Take for example, the unconscionable destruction of the black community by its “protectors” on the left – Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and their ilk as well as the vast majority of the left. Throughout their history, Liberals have made empty promise after empty promise to the black community. Yet when Conservatives make efforts to reach out to blacks, Liberals immediately scream that blacks shouldn’t listen to “racists”. Even now, with Obama in the White House, black unemployment is at historic levels – worse even than the Great Depression. But Liberals will always do and say enough to keep their blacks in the dark, under control, safely in their back pocket.

National Public Radio (NPR) ran into a bit of trouble recently for a couple of incidents which illustrated their bias in favor of Liberal values and views. While NPR has always claimed to be impartial, objective and unbiased in their reporting of events and coverage of politics and culture, Conservatives have always known that the bias exists and is prevalent on the network. I listen to NPR every day. I enjoy most of their programming and it is something to which I look forward during my morning and evening commute. I’ve even been a financial supporter. With this in mind, here is but a sample from one week’s listening:

  • “Abortion opponents” – The correct term is “Pro-Life”. I know lots of people who support a woman’s right to choose. I don’t know anyone who isn’t opposed to abortion.
  • “Members of the conservative group…” – They never mention that the political stance of any group is Liberal. Only a group with Conservative leanings is labeled as such.
  • “The conflict between President Obama and Catholic Bishops…” – The absolute height of arrogance. The real conflict is between Obama and the Constitution. NPR seems to think that only a bunch of Bishops (not Catholics at large) are opposed to the Obama Regime’s reasonable expectation that religious institutions and people of faith disregard their convictions and accept his mandate.
  • “The controversial Tea Party…” – Only NPR thinks so. The pejorative was never applied to any reference of the Occupy Wall Street mobs.

The Oscars were quite boring. Billy Crystal was far less entertaining than he has been in years. Meryl Streep failed to mention or thank the inspiration for her award-winning role: Margaret Thatcher. “The Artist” beat out a superior “War Horse”. I nonetheless noted that none of the presenters or recipients were overtly political in anything they said. Wonder if they passed a hat for Barry O’s re-election efforts.

That’s quite enough for now!

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