Rush Limbaugh created a firestorm last week when he described Sandra Fluke as a “slut” and a “prostitute”. Fluke, a political activist who is currently a law student at Georgetown, spoke at a press conference held by Nancy Pelosi at which she claimed that the Obama Regime’s HHS mandate that religious institutions provide for free contraception in their insurance coverage was necessary to cover the “over $3,000 yearly cost” of her contraception.

The comment (for which he has since apologized) has caused numerous sponsors of his radio show to pull their advertising. Sad to say, Libtard comedians / commentators / personalities will NEVER face the same level of scrutiny or backlash by the media or politicians.

Rush’s argument was that if Ms. Fluke was demanding that someone else pay for her contraception at a rate of over $3,000 a year, it could only mean that Ms. Fluke was engaging in so much recreational sexual activity that the expense incurred was unaffordable; and since she is asking someone else – the church, the school, taxpayers – to subsidize her “extracurricular activity”, she is, in effect, a slut. Asking for a subsidy to support personal sexual activity amounts to engaging in prostitution – “I need to have my expenses paid for in order to engage in my personal sexual acts.”

Rush was right.

I’m trying to imagine a male student holding a press conference in which he claims he needs to have his sex-related expenses covered by someone else – and I realize I see the whole thing ending by everyone walking out of the room, laughing.

Heard on the radio that Houston – especially the Missouri City & Pearland areas – is the “most culturally diverse in the United States“. Not surprising. I’ve lived here nearly all my life. Houston is the friendliest, most eclectic, most tolerant and most diverse place I’ve ever been.

Super Tuesday wasn’t so super. Romney failed to cement his status as acceptable to the nation at large by losing in Tennessee and Oklahoma. Santorum failed to maintain his lead in Ohio. I haven’t yet decided who I will support when the primary election is held in Texas (May 29), but it seems that both Romney and Santorum continue to have problems. Romney seems unable to convince “Very Conservative” voters he is truly, passionately Conservative. The problem with Santorum seems to not be the message, but the messenger. He doesn’t seem able to deliver oratory that is inspirational or sometimes even consistent.

The loss of Andrew Brietbart was a stunning and devastating blow. He was one of my personal heroes. His passion and fearlessness were inspiring. His vigor and relentlessness were exactly what Conservatives and Republicans were looking for in their Presidential candidates. He was a modern-day Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine. He inherited the mantle of William Buckley and was a compatriot of Rush Limbaugh. He will be sorely missed.

Tune in next time.

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