Imagine that you lived in a house with a roommate. Imagine that every single day, your roommate started and ended the day by punching you in the face. Imagine that your roommate, who actually pays no rent, doesn’t help with any utilities or chores, was never actually asked to move in, but instead just crashed in one day, and refuses to leave. Imagine that you’ve tried getting along with your roommate, but in the past, he has not only been violent to you and your family, but has actually gotten members of his extended family to come and harass you as well.

You protest to the police and the courts, but they refuse to help and actually blame you for provoking the conflict. Now, you’ve started taking steps to retaliate against your roommate. When he punches you, you punch back. You’ve installed a security system on your side of the house. You’ve gotten some friends who promise to help. But with all this, you still live in a state of tension and constant vigilance. That’s the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians. Now, with Iran on the verge of developing nuclear weapons, we can add a heavily armed and vicious psychopath living next door to the scenario. Kind of like the Odd Couple, only worse and with a Hitler-like neighbor living next door.

Benjamin Netanyahu visited Washington last week, and reports are that Obama promised Israel the weapons they need in order to defend themselves against the growing Iranian threat (bunker-busting bombs and mid-air refueling planes), but only if Israel agreed to take no actions without first warning the American government, and waited until after the Presidential election in November.

Is there a more shameful way of working with your allies? This is one more example of the hostile relationship between the Obama regime and Israel. As such, it leads Israel to be distrustful of their erstwhile allies, and question the confidence they previously enjoyed. When Obama claims that “all options are on the table” and “Iran will face the consequences” can he be trusted? Are his words hollow platitudes, or do they have substance? The question and doubts remain.

And in the meantime, Israel endures.

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