Barack Obama has a problem. Someone with extensive insight and knowledge of his heart of hearts is spilling all of his secrets. Someone with apparently very little hesitation, compunction or remorse is revealing his troubling and troubled past, his most deeply hidden desires for the nation he governs and the world at large, and most disquieting of all, the ruthless and underhanded methods and tactics he has been using to achieve those goals. But with all of these predicaments, the biggest problem of all is that the secret sharer is none other than ‘The One’ himself, Barack Obama, author of Dreams From My Father.

It’s doubtful that Obama had any inkling he would be elected President of the United States in 2008, or surely he would never have written his first autobiography. The revelations contained therein, especially the insights into his motivations, his philosophical moorings and his mentors’ influences are damning to say the least, and could have potentially imploded and ended his campaign before it even began – and would have, if anyone on the right of the political spectrum had read the book.

From being the son of an avowed anti-colonialist Muslim father, a leftist mother and the product thereby of parents who rejected and hated all for which America stood, it wasn’t unlikely that young Barack would grow up to become the ardent anti-colonialist, anti-westerner, anti-entrepreneur, anti-limited government political figure he has become. Add to this witch’s brew his mentorship as a Hawaiian youth by Frank Marshall Davis (about whom, Paul Kengor has recently written an expose), his upbringing by a leftist Indonesian stepfather and Ivy League instruction by an illustrious rogue such as Edward Said. Compound it with religious indoctrination by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whose Black Liberation Theology is the religious expression of anti-colonialism, and in whose church Obama presided for 20 years. And finally top it off with friendships formed in Chicago with the likes of Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich, and you end up with what could only be described as a real-life Manchurian Candidate.

Dinesh D’Souza has made use of these freely published confessions as fodder for one of his recent bestsellers; The Roots of Obama’s Rage which he has now transformed into a fantastically revealing, thought-provoking, unnerving must-see film; 2016: Obama’s America. The film received its premier screening in Houston on July 12, hosted by talk radio host Michael Berry in a packed-to-overflowing theater. Reports from theater management are that over 200 eager attendees had to be turned away due to seating capacity. The Hollywood Reporter published an article announcing that the movie grossed over $31,000 its opening weekend, impressive for an independent release.

Those who were lucky enough to watch were able to follow D’Souza’s unique journey to uncover the origins of Obama’s worldview and the consequences of those beliefs. The film is a documentary, shot in “Frontline” style with lots of interviews, presenting facts, dramatizing events, and using well-designed graphics to illustrate points. As an immigrant from India who happens to share many life milestones with Obama (born, graduated and married in the same years as the President), D’Souza’s perspective is both essential to his empathizing with young Barack and understanding how his life experiences shaped him, but more critically, serve to insulate him from potential charges of racism and cultural insensitivity that would have been impossible for a person of European descent to overcome.

D’Souza uncovers how Obama’s worldview, his values, and his priorities are all formed by “Founding Fathers” (Davis, Wright, et al.) whose ideals are antithetical to American values. Obama’s odyssey from innocent boy molded and shaped by the ghost of his absent father and leftist mother (who resisted any attempts to expose Barack to any views contrary to his father’s beliefs), to the young man who sought out surrogates who would fill the gaping hole left by Barack Senior is tragic and pitiable. D’Souza even interviews Barack’s half-brother, George, who lived in abject poverty for some time, as Obama forgot his promises to care for his sibling. Obama’s ultimate development as the heir of his father’s dreams is harrowing, as he takes advantage of an educational and political system that embraces his identity, his ideology, and his intentions towards their logical conclusion; the diminution of the United States as a world super power both militarily and economically. The haunting presence of Obama’s voice echoing through the theater as he recites passages from “Dreams,” serve to underscore the fact that these are Obama’s own words, and not mere conjecture of the filmmaker.

Throughout the film, I could hear my fellow viewers muttering exclamations of astonishment and dismay as the revelations piled up, one atop the other, the dots being connected, the chain of events laid bare. They expressed anger and frustration at both the ease with which Obama and his comrades have seized power, and at the coming disaster. Despite their consternation, every single person I spoke to after the screening expressed the almost zealous desire not only to tell everyone they know to watch the film, but to bring them to the theater if need be. It was akin to a Revival meeting.

As America approaches the end of Obama’s first term as President, a foreboding future looms, should he be re-elected. D’Souza presents this potential future not as a “what-if” scenario, but as an “if-then”. Using the President’s own words and actions as a lawless chief executive who has trampled the Constitution in pursuit of his policies, ‘2016: paints a bleak picture of America following a second Obama term. Economic stagnation, a weakened military and diminished global status – tragically all the result of two terribly angry people, who raised a sad, lonely little boy who wanted to be just like his daddy.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review – ‘2016: Obama’s America’

  1. Thanks for the review. I just got back from seeing it. I wished that there more critic reviews. I nearly missed seeing it because of what appeared to be bad reviews. What a powerful movie! The interview of Obama’s brother, Obama’s own voice and words, his actions, and role models all support the grounded theory. I see things in a completely different light. I am not a gullible person and it typically takes quite a bit to convince me of what seemingly appears to be a one-sided viewpoint of a political viewpoint, as I am a true independent voter, but now I see how the thesis matches with Obama’s actions. My hope is that fair-minded critics will not be afraid of the toxic far-left, and give it the review it deserves. The movie needs to be seen by the American voters before November. Having so few major critic reviews may keep many people out of the theater, I’m afraid. I hope not . . . It’s one of the best documentaries I’ve seen


  2. Good review – just got back from seeing the movie in Sugar Land, Texas. Very thought-provoking, and should be must-see viewing for the voting public. It’ll be interesting to see how much press the movie gets across the country.


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