It occurs to me that with all the talk of the “Hispanic / Latino Electoral divide”  with regard to GOP / Conservative politics, the Republicans have the supremely upper hand when it comes to ACTUAL policy, ACTUAL candidates and ACTUAL leadership.

As a group, Hispanics are natural Conservatives. They largely share the same values of Family, Faith, Entrepreneurship, Honesty, Hard Work, Education, Truth and Justice. These are things they cannot possibly share in common with the Democrat party and its militantly Leftist agenda.

Where they do line up with Democrats is with regard to immigration policy and welfare, but even in this they are being deceived. Democrats had two full years of unopposable power (Presidency and both Houses of Congrss) with which they could very easily have enacted full amnesty for all illegals, and increased funding across the board for all welfare programs. Instead, they spent their time diddling with Obamacare.

With regard to leadership, we can look at it from a musical perspective. On the GOP side are luminaries like Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Ted Cruz, Gov. Susana Martinez, Gov. Brian Sandoval – let’s call them as a group – The Beatles.

On the Democrat side, they hold up people like Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Mayor Julian Castro, Rep. Loretta Sanchez and Sec. Hild Solis as viable leaders of the Hispanic persuasion. But not one of them is taken seriously as a leader by a significant part of the population that doesn’t already gulp down the Leftist kool-aid. As a group, we could refer to them as The Monkees; a cheap, contrived imitation that sounds almost as good, looks almost as good and seems almost as good until you move past the very thin veneer and see empty space beneath.

All that is needed now is for a solid, feasible approach to policy – one that creates an incentive to legal immigration and removes the incentives for illegal entry, one that offers a feasible path to naturalization that addresses both the needs of National Security and Free Market demands, and one that enables those already here to find a way out of the shadows that doesn’t endanger their families or their communities. We have the team to win the fight. Democrats don’t; and they know it.

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