The attack on the American consulate in Benghazi was a premeditated terrorist attack planned and coordinated by al-Qaeda, leading to the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other staff members. The Obama Administration knew this, but lied day after day, blaming an internet video, running out the clock until the election had passed.

General David Petraeus was involved in an extra-marital affair which the FBI and Attorney general Eric Holder knew about for nearly a year. The Obama Administration knew about it, but did not reveal it until days after the election.

Iran attacked an American unmanned aerial surveillance drone over international waters on November 1st, the Obama Administration knew this on that day, but held the information classified until two days after the election.

Millions of additional American families were added to the Food Stamp rolls after Obama took office in 2009. The Obama Administration made plans to reduce the amounts of welfare benefits to Ohio families, but delayed the dissemination of the information until after the election.

Americans were promised Hope and Change. They were promised openness and transparency. They Were promised responsible, accountable leadership. None of these has come to pass. Instead we have been given the most dishonest, most deceptive and most secretive administration in modern history, making Richard Nixon look like a Boy Scout.

What else should we have expected from a Chicago politician who uses blackmail, threats, and intimidation to further his agenda? What else should we have expected from an avowed Leftist Alinskyite who uses the tactics of deception, division and denial? What else should we have expected from someone who should never have been in the Office of the Presidency to begin with?

Obama Lies. America Dies.

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