It’s striking to me that the lessons that Americans had so clearly understood and embraced in 1948 when this cartoon was made have now been cast aside, lost in the slowly rising tide of a bankrupt and morally empty Leftist ideology that has made our political process so partisan and poisoned. As a nation, we have lost the understanding of the importance of our values, and even more so, the source of those values. No people can enjoy the freedoms and privileges without also embracing the responsibilities inherent in their acceptance. Without the underlying principles and values that make our freedoms possible, they cannot continue to exist.

Leftism has succeeded in stripping Socialism, Communism and Marxism of their more objectionable facets, redefined the terms, recast the faces of the leadership and made them respectable. Leftism has succeeded in making the petty important, in making small differences the most divisive, in making envy, hatred, racism, bigotry and violence perfectly acceptable as long as it works in concert with Liberal aims. As long as the Democrat party continues in power and continues to employ these tactics and espouse these beliefs, the problems America faces will never be solved. Only when Americans awaken to the self-destruction being perpetrated will they be able to successfully realize true freedom.

We would do well to re-learn and re-apply the lessons we have forgotten.

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