Militant Leftist groups (especially labor unions) are outraged by the recent passage of “Right To Work” legislation in the state of Michigan. They have every reason to be angry. They have every reason to be afraid. The legislation frees Michiganders from the shackles and chains that these glorified Organized Crime Syndicates have long forced upon Michigan families, depriving them of success, prosperity and freedom.

Welcome, Michigan to the 21st Century.

Now the State legislature, led by Republicans and Gov. Rick Snyder has freed working men and women from this forced bondage, this vast, money-laundering Ponzi scheme and have given them the chance to decide their own destinies. Now the working people have the choice for themselves.


Understandably, this represents an existential threat to the existence of the unions. Given the opportunity to choose for themselves, people will not willingly be allowed themselves to be enslaved by corrupt, criminal enterprises bent on bleeding them dry of their earnings, using them as cannon fodder in electoral contests and using them as human shields in extortionary “negotiations” with their employers. This is why they’re freaking out at what is happening (see the Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus say as much recently on MSNBC: ‘Unions Aren’t Going to Survive When People Have a Choice’) *Via MRCtv.org

Labor Unions have long outlived their usefulness. They have become little more than parasitic detritus on the sea of change of globalization. The world has moved on. Growth requires intelligence, speed and adaptability. Labor Unions lack all three. They are like the Dodo Bird – slow, stupid and the lowest hanging fruit. They are on the verge of extinction. Let’s push them over the edge.

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