Davi Barker has an excellent article demonstrating the shocking effectiveness of preventing or reducing increased numbers of fatalities in mass shootings by civilians armed with concealed weapons.

The numbers in his report, Auditing Shooting Rampage Statistics is thorough and well-researched. It proves yet again that the answer to the horrible tragedy witnessed in Newtown, Connecticut is not to outlaw guns, but to empower the citizenry to defend themselves against such madness.

A room filled with innocent, unarmed people is exactly what these crazed, depraved murderers are looking for. The obvious answer is to have a hero in the room as well. Or better still, several. The answer is not to respond to a tragic incident like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary. The answer is to create an environment where such an act would probably never happen.

When was the last time a multiple-victim shooting took place at a firearm range, or in a police station, at a gun show, or wherever armed people are grouped? It doesn’t happen. Sadistic, murderous, depraved criminals much prefer unarmed victims – soft targets from whom they have nothing to fear.

In schools in Israel, volunteers, many of them parents of students, and some staff members are armed on their school campuses to deter and prevent any act of violence and terrorism by murderous Islamic groups. The teachers defend their students from harm, regardless of their religious or ethnic backgrounds. Jew and Arab alike. Since the program began in the 1970’s not one Israeli student has been murdered at school.

We must never allow ourselves to believe that if guns were completely outlawed, or didn’t even exist violence would stop. The human capacity for evil in some is limited only by the human capacity for good in others. Far better if those others are armed.


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