Judge Robert Bork, one of America‘s greatest jurists and most well-respected legal minds, died today at the age of 85. Bork, who was nominated for a position on the Supreme Court in 1987 by President Reagan was blocked by Liberals in the Democrat-controlled Senate, led by the former lover of Mary Jo Kopechne, Senator Ted Kennedy. Bork had already served as a federal appeals court judge and as Solicitor General and was eminently qualified by any and all standards.

Bork had been expected by conservatives to be an Associate Justice whose Originalist philosophy with regard to Constitutional jurisprudence would preserve the intent of the Founders and ensure that the rights enjoyed by all Americans would continue in full force long into the future. However, after his nomination was blocked, Anthony Kennedy, acknowledged now as a moderate was successfully approved by the Senate. As a result, the slow but steady erosion of freedoms engineered by the leftist Democrat party has continued apace.


It is America’s loss that Bork never served on the Supreme Court. Many of the divisive and problematic issues that have emerged over the last 25 years would almost certainly have been resolved in a far more legally sound and coherent fashion. His absence from the bench has already cost America dearly. The loss of his mind and spirit will be deeply missed.

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