Via The Telegraph: My snarkiness in RED ITALICS

France’s prime minister has slammed wealthy citizens fleeing the country’s punitive tax on high incomes as greedy profiteers seeking to “become even richer”. (Quelle horreur!)

Jean-Marc Ayrault‘s outburst came after France’s best-known actor, Gerard Dépardieu, took up legal residence in a small village just over the border in Belgium, alongside hundreds of other wealthy French nationals seeking lower taxes. (They are stinking, greedy pig-dogs!!)

“Those who are seeking exile abroad are not those who are scared of becoming poor,” the prime minister declared after unveiling sweeping anti-poverty measures to help those hit by the economic crisis.

These individuals are leaving “because they want to get even richer,” he said. “We cannot fight poverty if those with the most, and sometimes with a lot, do not show solidarity and a bit of generosity,” he added. (If we can’t take their money, how will we redistribute? Cut spending? Quelle horreur!)

“Thankfully, few are seeking exile to exempt themselves from being in solidarity with fellow Frenchmen.” (Translation: Those who are too poor to relocate are forced to stay behind!)

Not a whole lot to say.

What they expected was that those who had gone along with sacrificing the well-being of others all along, in a Leftist effort to build a more “egalitarian” society would submit willingly when their turn came up.


In America, Democrat Party Boss Barry Obama & his cronies operate the same way and call it, “Economic Patriotism”. We should be so brave as Dépardieu. Oh wait, we have the Tea Party. We don’t need to leave to some other country, we just need to take OUR COUNTRY BACK.

Tea Party Activists Hold Tax Day Rally In Washington

UPDATE: As of Wednesday, 12/19/12, Gerard Dépardieu has renounced his French Citizenship. He has arrived at the conclusion of many of the protagonists in Ayn Rand‘s “Atlas Shrugged” that being a willing sacrifice for an abhorrent cause is no virtue.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Democrat Party are trying to replicate the French experiment, bleeding the rich dry as much as they can, compounding it with it a populace that is horrifyingly addicted to entitlements and as dependent as the Greeks.

The outcome can only be disastrous.

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