With the recent shocking revelation that the Obama Regime is considering using Executive Orders to enact gun control policy, This seemingly over-simplistic image becomes actually, terrifyingly more accurate than at first glance. Granted, Barack Hussein Obama barely reaches the ankle hairs of history’s most evil despots and tyrants. But if you discount the level of depravity, cruelty and evil to which those tyrants descended, and look only at their governing philosophy and modus operandi, the parallels are stunning and deeply disturbing.

Obama’s core beliefs and tenets mirror almost exactly those of history’s worst dictators, and almost none of the Founding Fathers. He believes in Socialism, attacking success and gun control, just like the despots. His actions throughout his tenure in office serve as dire warnings, proving that he opposes freedom of speech, capitalism and the right to bear arms, all of which the founders, such as George Washington held dear.

For those who claim that “it could never happen here” – an actual example of a gun ban / confiscation by Western DemocracyAustralia – probably the other nation on earth that most closely resembles America in spirit, philosophy and DNA, enacted a gun ban in 1996 that dramatically reduced the numbers of firearms throughout the country. While the action was opposed by many Australians, the government enacted the policies over the objections. We’re not talking about some mushy-headed EuroNation like France, Germany or Italy. We’re talking about the “Americans Down Under”. It happened to our cousins, the Aussies. It can happen here.

Barack Obama is not the most evil man to ever lead a country. However, he is the most evil, tyrannical, dictatorial and criminal man to ever lead the United States of America as President. If America is to survive as a Republic, if America is to have a Constitution with any meaning and significance, he must be impeached and removed from office. Now. Save the Republic.

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