The vicious, freedom-hating forces of Communism have a new, softer, multi-ethnic face. Who needs Karl Marx or Lenin when you have a young, attractive black woman, or a swarthy Hispano and can conceal your evil designs behind the multicultural facade? Behold, the updated manifesto from 2012’s general election:


At the time they were reaching for the highest office in the land, the Party for Socialism & Liberation touted as its main goals: “ending Capitalism“, making a “job a Constitutional right”, and ensuring “abortion on demand”. Those cringe-worthy and pathetic goals are still the driving force of the movement, and remain their definition of victory. Fundamentally, there is no difference between the PSL’s platform and the Democrat Party platform. They are one and the same.

In other words, they want America to be the USSR in 1980 – a failed semi-state, a lobotomized berzerker. No need for anyone to have enough capital to create a job for someone to earn a living (much less become rich), but everyone is still entitled to a job (which may or may not exist – “Shovel-ready”, anyone?).

Peta Lindsay, the PSL Presidential candidate (even though she was ineligible to serve due to her age) is an “anti-war” activist who campaigned against the Iraq War during the Bush administration, but curiously has remained silent while the Obama Regime maintains the vast majority of the policies Bush put in place.

Her PSL website bio lists all her crimes against her home country, but laughingly includes this line: “Lindsay traveled to Cuba in 2002 with Pastors for Peace and witnessed first-hand the accomplishments of a society that is organized to meet human needs, not the profit motive of a few greedy bankers and corporate owners.” Accomplishments. LOL. Buildings that are crumbling into dust, 60 year-old cars that survive only by use of massive quantities of duct tape and string.

The PSL’s VP candidate, Yari Osorio is a native of Cali, Colombia, and was active with Occupy Wall Street. So, Socialism’s proposal to lead the country includes a Colombian terrorist. Fascinating. Despite their obvious shortcomings, the party managed to snag 9,324 votes in the 2012 election. I’m willing to bet that every single one of those voters was satisfied that Comrade Obama retained his position.

A political party which lies about its identity and runs as the Green Party, or the Peace and Freedom Party if it cannot get on the ballot, and deliberately fields candidates who are ineligible to serve if elected. Electoral terrorism and sabotage. In other words, or better still, in one very simple word; Treason.

Ultimately, running as the candidate for the Socialist party in America is the political equivalent of an ornate facial tattoo. It is saying to the world; “I just don’t give a rat’s ass anymore, I give up on life.” That is why the Democrat Party runs as many “moderate, mainstream” candidates possible, even though the PSL’s platform is the Democrat worldview in a nutshell.


Welcome to Barack Obama’s, Nancy Pelosi‘s and Harry Reid‘s wet dream.

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