Congress recently held hearings on the topic of Gun Violence, with the specific intent to discuss Democrat proposals that would ban some weapons, increase regulations on all, and even place limits on ammunition. The Obama Regime has already proven numerous times that it will completely disregard the law (including the Constitution) when it serves the regime’s purposes.

The numerous failures of the Department of Justice, led by Eric Holder to uphold the law has manifested itself in a panoply of ways. The Failure to prosecute members of the Black Panthers for voting rights violations. The Failure to prosecute Acorn for massive voter fraud. The Failure of the disastrous Fast and Furious Mexican Drug Cartel gun-running scheme that led to the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

For those who are led to believe or who naively choose to believe that an American Government, certainly not the corrupt, craven and capricious one led by his Nobel Laureateness Barack H. Obama II, would never resort to an act of tyranny in order to enact its will on the American people, I offer this refutation:

jap interns

The internment of American citizens who happened to be of Japanese descent occurred during the tenure of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the High Priest of Liberal Politics of the Church of Progressive Doxology. Persons who had never committed a crime against their country, who had never spoken ill of her were taken away to Concentration Camps on Roosevelt’s orders. Their Constitutional rights were ignored, dismissed and judged to be not as important as the needs of the Democrat Administration. To all who claim that the American people have nothing to fear from their government, much less one as progressive as the Obama Regime, please keep this image in mind.

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