obama fly

I find myself so very tempted to discuss the nature of flies. To discuss that which draws their attention. To discuss that about which they buzz. But I won’t, because to describe the President of the United States of AmericaBarack Hussein Obama II as a significant quantity of that which emerges from the south end of a north bound bull would be to highlight and throw into sharp relief the sheer, mind-numbing idiocy of the people who elected him in the first place; and to do so brings grave and humbling dishonor to the country I love.

To me, however, the fly represents something larger. It represents the complete and utter moral decay of the Fourth Estate. Where are the tough, skin-flaying questions that the press presented to George W. Bush? Where are the bruising questions that the press presented to Bill Clinton? Instead we are given a sycophantic White House press corps, a softball-tossing 60 Minutes platform, and glowing, fawning coverage treating Obama as the Messiah.

It is outrageous how the Mainstream Media fully supported and enabled the Obama Regime’s breathless claims that “Mitt Romney is lying!” during the entire election cycle. Their efforts instead were directed at promoting the Obama Re-election Team’s effort to define Romney as an unacceptable candidate, since their own candidate had no redeeming qualities, no accomplishments and no plan for the future.

 What is even more outrageous is that it is only now, months after the election that the truth emerges that the “Lie of the Year” was actually truth all along. Only now do more of the Democrat/Obama promises, statements and claims show themselves to have been nothing but lies, obfuscations, and flat-out deception by Team Barry. The MSM is no longer interested in The Truth, but only in lying in defense of Liberals and their Proglodyte minions in the effort to and attack conservatives. They have succeeded only in further dividing this country. They have set neighbor upon neighbor and split families. The truth would bring healing. The truth would bring unity. The truth would bring prosperity. The truth would bring the end of the Democrat way.

I am sad for my country, and I weep for the nation my children will inherit.

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