MSNBC recently polled viewers and found that an overwhelming number of them supported the Obama Regime‘s current policy of using unmanned drones, missile strikes and other military assets to kill persons – including American Citizens – that it deems to be a threat, without court oversight, without restrictions and without Congressional approval.

The Bush Administration wanted to use a policy of warrantless wiretaps – eavesdropping on people, not killing them – and Liberals and their spokesmen on MSNBC exploded with rage that the “Constitution was being shredded”, that “rights were being trampled”, that Bush was “acting like a Dictator”. Bush took terrorists off the battlefield and held them at Guantanamo Bay and Liberals and Democrats ranted and raged that fundamental human rights were being violated and that Bush and his VP, Dick Cheney should be dragged before the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Obama maintains the exact same policy with no changes whatsoever – what has been the response? Silence and approval. Where are the marches? Where are the candlelight vigils? Where is Cindy Sheehan?


How have Liberals and their favorite network responded to Obama’s exponential increase in drone killings? The response fluctuates between acclaim and stony silence. How have Liberals responded to the President of the United States deciding himself who lives and who dies? With full support. Obama has named himself the Judge, Jury and Executioner – and no one in his party stands to oppose him.

Where is the outrage? Conservatives have gotten tired of starting many (if not most) conversations with the “What if Bush had done that?” disclaimer, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the MSM, Liberals and Democrats have entirely different responses to actions depending entirely upon the actor. If Bush, or a Republican / Conservative  performs an action, the response is one of anger, revulsion, outrage. If Obama, or a Democrat / Liberal performs the same action, the response is approval or silence.

This serves to prove one glaringly obvious fact: Liberals have no true values or principles. Instead, an elastic, malleable doxology exists, one capable of bending, stretching, shrinking or disappearing as needed. In other words, their principles depend entirely upon the moment. One day drone strikes are a war crime, the next, they are an act of Patriotism on par with the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.

At the core of Liberalism, where values, morals, ethics and principles should be is nothing but Silly Putty.

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