You don’t know what’s best for you,
And so, you cannot choose.
I’ll make your choices for you,
No time we have to lose.
I’ll decide the right and wrong
Of all the things you think.
Unless you do just what I say,
Your taxes will not shrink.
I will judge what the press can print,
And choose what facts to leak.
A reporter cannot question me,
Or I’ll throw at him the sink.
If something bad has happened,
Far across the sea,
That may impede my success,
I’ll do what’s best for me.
If in pursuit of all my goals,
I trample on your rights,
I’ll call you bitter clingers,
Whose minds have taken flight.
I don’t like who we have been,
Lo, these many years.
We haven’t been quite humbled yet,
Or shed some shameful tears.
The decisions of your health,
Will all be left to me.
Your doctor will answer to me,
What’s confidentiality?
Your moralistic objections,
Will not get in my way.
I don’t care what your religion says,
That’s the price you have to pay.
I have the right to keep you safe,
From harm both near and far.
So, who have you been talking to,
On your phone down at the bar?
What’s right is wrong, what’s up is down,
Fiction’s now a fact.
Your history and heroes have lost,
There’s no disputing that.
What once was true as gospel,
And once was naked fact,
Is now a fairytale of bygone age,
And you did not build that.
Any opposition,
Will be crushed my me and mine,
Every single little thought,
Every word and every line.
I’m here to free you from,
The tyranny of choice.
You haven’t any say in this,
So please don’t raise your voice.
Now let me be clear,
As I have said, I’ll say this once again,
You are all my tiny chicks,
And I’m your mother hen.

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