On this Father’s Day, we’re reminded of the significance of fathers in every child’s life. Whether or not you knew your father, loved or hated him, had him in your life for a brief time or for decades, the important role he played in your life cannot be understated.

A father creates his children. Even if his only involvement is that of a donor of basic biological material, this inheritance makes itself known in the traits and feature the child inherits.

If, on the other hand, the father is a long-term positive influence in a child’s life, the blessings enjoyed by the child eclipses any other gift life can bestow.

Fathers help us learn to enjoy the simplest moments, to overcome fears, to challenge ourselves, to be our best. Fathers teach us to avoid mistakes they’ve made, and help us to cope with new ones we make on our own. Fathers guide us in our beliefs, whatever they may be. They help us through our doubts and misgivings and lead us to new understandings of truth.

When our fathers show us how much they love our mothers, it helps us to understand the void each of us discovers in our hearts, the empty spot that can only be filled by that special someone who matches it perfectly, and we seek to fill it with something that has the same amount of joy we witnessed in our parents’ lives.

It is in those quiet moments, more than the ball games, the major events and the trials and tribulations of life that our fathers show us not only the most important things in life, but how to live.

For that, thank your father.

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