To the dismay of divisive race-baiting, attention-hogging charlatans like Reverend Al Sharpton, and Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr., the jury in the trial of George Zimmerman delivered a verdict of “Not Guilty” late Saturday evening after 16 hours of deliberations and a three-week long trial.

The media insisted time and again that the case centered on racism, and that it was George Zimmerman’s racist thoughts, attitudes and actions that led him to kill Trayvon Martin, and that Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws contributed to the death of Martin. They willingly ignore the fact that the FBI interviewed dozens of witnesses and determined that racism not only had nothing to do with the killing, but that Zimmerman was not a racist. His personal actions in the community – volunteer work, mentorship programs and others – all conclusively demonstrated that Zimmerman had no racist motive whatsoever. They also ignore the fact that neither the prosecution nor the defense invoked the Stand Your Ground law during the case, and instead focused on the act of self-defense.

The prosecution of Zimmerman should never have been brought. All the evidence in the case overwhelmingly supported Zimmerman’s version of the events. Nearly every witness corroborated his story. Even witnesses for the prosecution provided testimony which bolstered Zimmerman’s story. The initial police investigation led the Sanford Police Department to not file charges against Zimmerman in the case.

Juror #B37, who was interviewed by Anderson Cooper on the CNN program AC360, confirmed that not only did race have no impact in the case, but no impact in the verdict, but that the jurors believed that Zimmerman had no racist motive at all. The FBI report confirms this. Any action taken by the Department of Justice against Zimmerman therefore becomes a political prosecution, based not on evidence of civil rights violations, but as a means of placating a mob, led by the NAACP.

Trayvon Martin’s death wasn’t about race or guns. It was about misjudgment and overreaction – exactly what divisive figures like Sharpton and Jackson are doing now to the verdict. They insist on the threat of “No Justice, No Peace”, meaning justice on their terms, or the onset of violence as a consequence, and they will stop at nothing until they are placated.

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