President Obama has inevitably seen both his popularity and reputation decline, as his inept, and badly bungled policies and initiatives create and exacerbate problems both foreign and domestic. It would be entirely reasonable for someone who takes a serious and critical look at current events to conclude the following:

“The president lives in the world of make-believe where mistakes, even very big ones, have no consequences. Disasters are overtaking our nation without any real response from the White House.  Who does not feel a growing sense of unease as our allies, facing repeated instances of an amateurish and confused administration reluctantly conclude that America is unwilling or unable to fulfill its obligations as leader of the free world? Who does not feel rising alarm when the question in any discussion of foreign policy is no longer ‘should we do something?’ but instead  ‘do we have the capacity to do anything?’”

It would be an apt description of the current state of the Obama administration’s reputation around the world, however…

these words were spoken by Ronald Reagan describing the Carter Administration in 1980.

Further proof that with the right leadership, America’s reputation and standing can be restored.

One thought on “Historical Precedent for Failure

  1. Where is your section on how bad Bush was for America? Obama is 1000% better than Dubya. You stupid Republicans have done everything you can to sabotage him and make him look bad.


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