Harvard economist Richard Freeman: “If the economy were growing enough or unions were stronger, it would be possible for the less educated to do better and for the lower income to improve. But in our current world, where we are still adjusting to globalization, that is not very likely to happen.”

The “current world”, i.e., reality – does not accept or tolerate economic policy as it currently exists in America. The badly bungled attempt by theorists and ideologues to force “social justice” and “fair share” upon Americans has severely damaged our country. Until those in power understand that their polices have hurt the American worker, and made things more difficult for the American family, we will continue to suffer.

Employment remains stagnant, with families struggling to get by on limited means. Black unemployment is 12.6%. Youth unemployment is 17.1%. Where is the hope? Where is the change? Where is the future?

It’s time for a new direction. It’s time for new leadership.

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One thought on “The People Suffer While Their Leaders Fail

  1. THIS is exactly the kind of bullshit I was talking about. You are so fucking full of it. You and the GOP create a HUGE FUCKING MESS of the economy, then blame the president for trying to come up with some solutions. FUCK YOU!!!


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