This may not be the cultural shift Americans need, but the fact that even SNL is beginning to realize that a contrary narrative is real & powerful demonstrates the power of those opposed to statism.

The Rio Norte Line

Some of us with friends in places like the UK and Canada have long understood what a disaster the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, would inevitably become. But Our Dear Leader’s status as the “Cool President” has until recently rendered the generally vacuous American media spellbound and incapable of any serious analysis of Obamacare or even looking at the dreadful care provided in other countries with similar healthcare systems. The trajectory of the argument began shifting over a year ago when the smartest and most perceptive of American humorists, Jay Leno, began subtlety repositioning his humor about President Obama and Obamacare. The reigning king of late night television has since led a groundswell of pointed but hilarious criticism directed at the Cool Dude in the White House and his signature disaster that has now penetrated one of Liberal/Progressive America’s staunchest bastions…SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.
SNL’s attached skit hammers home many, but not…

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