A statement released today by Senator Ted Cruz provides a succinct overview of the ongoing, intentional and malicious damage and harm wrought by the shutdown of the Federal Government by Senator Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats, and subsequent intransigence of President Obama and his administration – damage that Congrssional Republicans tried valiantly and desperately to avoid:

Cruz: Reid and Obama Trying to Make Shutdown as Painful as Possible

WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) released the following statement on the Senate’s refusal to take up House-passed continuing resolutions:

“This morning, disability payments for wounded veterans would be fully funded if not for Harry Reid.

“This morning, our National Guard and reservists would be fully funded if not for Harry Reid.

“This morning, our national parks and war memorials would be open and fully funded if not for Harry Reid.

“This morning, the National Institutes of Health would be fully funded if not for Harry Reid.

“Harry Reid and President Obama should stop playing partisan games; they believe that the shutdown benefits them politically, and so they are cynically trying to make it as painful as possible for the American people.

“None of these limited CRs implicates or even mentions Obamacare; Harry Reid and President Obama shouldn’t be holding veterans hostage simply to force Obamacare on the American people.

“The House of Representatives has passed bipartisan funding for all these government functions; Senate Republicans are united in support of these vital funding bills. It is only because Harry Reid and Senate Democrats continue to object that these are not today on the President’s desk.”

Unless and until President Obama and his Congressional Democrat allies let go of their desire to punish and injure the American people for daring to send legislators of principle to Washington DC, the country will continue to suffer. Speaker Boehner may find areas of compromise that allow the shutdown to end, but this will depend entirely upon the goodwill and good faith of the President and Senator Reid… and that’s asking a lot.

This sort of thing that happened yesterday really doesn’t help to change the narrative that Democrats will refuse to help America through this time of crisis – not even to save kids with cancer – if it furthers their twisted political agenda:

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