Let’s put Fox News aside. CBS news (not known for right-wing vitriol) reports that the Obamacare website launch is ‘Nothing Short of Disastrous’:

From across the pond, in Obama-loving Europe, the failures have quickly become evident:


Even Wolf Blitzer sees that the Obamacare train is wrecking in the most spectacular fashion possible:

Finally, students at Colorado University, a university well known for Liberal activism and attitudes, are arriving at the same logical conclusion as everyone else:

From coast to coast, Americans everywhere are saying in unison; It doesn’t work. No one wants it. Make it go away.

One thought on “Obamacare = Fail

  1. Good article! ObamaCare is a complete disaster. The President is simply too arrogant to admit that the system (servers) are just not ready for prime time and should never have went online at all.


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