The Liberal / Leftist approach to economics (especially in terms of America) is almost exactly like a crazed surgeon who, desiring to remove an unsightly wart from the patient (income inequality), amputates the entire limb (increases taxes and regulations to the point that the economy enters a recession). Then, in an effort to demonstrate that this new and terrible state is not nearly the tragic disaster the patient believes it to be, removes the remaining limbs as well (“you didn’t build that”, increase taxes, demand “fair share”, enact “stimulus” programs), forcing a once perfectly healthy and sound body to have to make tremendous adjustments (slow recovery, anemic job growth, decreased workforce).

After a long time of therapy, rehabilitation and recovery, the doctor announces proudly to the patient, “You see? I told you you never needed those things anyway. You’re doing quite well with your machinery, technology and expenses (150,000 new jobs a month is “making significant progress”, doubling of number of families in poverty and on welfare is “taking care of our fellow Americans”). If I hadn’t operated, things may have gotten worse! Who knows what would have happened?…” And then everyone accepts the New Normal.

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