On the heels of a recent report from the Congressional Budget Office detailing how full implementation of Obamacare will inevitably lead to job losses, fewer hours worked and lower productivity comes this great analysis from the Mercatus Center further illustrating and outlining the horribly destructive effect the Obama economic plan has had on the American workforce and economy:


From the report:

The aging of the population is not the sole contributing factor in the decline in labor force participation since 2007, contrary to what some have suggested. The participation rate has declined for every age bracket below 54 years old. The effects of these declines can be seen in the figure below. For each age range, we have calculated how much the labor force would need to increase to return to average participation rates in 2007.  There would be an additional 4.4 million people under the age of 55 in the labor force today if the average participation rate reverted to 2007 levels.

Read the rest here.

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