Trafalgar Square 1000 women and girls went on a march demonstrating for equal pay with men

For far too long, progressives, liberals and feminists have waged a terrible war on women by playing on their fears and manipulating their insecurities as a means of establishing control over them. If you can convince someone for long enough that they are inferior, that they are vulnerable and need protection, they may well capitulate and allow you to dictate to them how they should think, feel and live. Thankfully, the truth is stronger than the lie and can set women free from the oppression of the forces of leftism.

For decades the Democrats have failed time and again to offer real solutions to create opportunity and growth for women and families, and have instead chosen to hide behind the lie of the gender wage gap. Solutions offered by Republicans are attacked, not because they fail to solve the problem, but because they infringe upon the Democrats’ dominance over women and threaten their stranglehold.

The question then is this; if the gender wage gap is a myth, a lie Democrats and their leftist allies have been repeating ad nauseam for decades as a means of oppressing and controlling women, what else have they been lying about? What else have they been hiding? What else have they been using as tools of manipulation? Reproductive issues? Education? Child care? The list goes on and on, and it quickly becomes unsurprising to find that under their rhetoric is little more than a policy of deception designed to keep women in the thrall of Democrats.

In this fantastic video from the American Enterprise Institute, the AEI’s Christina Hoff Sommers exposes the lie of “the gender wage gap”.

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