In the race for Texas Lieutenant Governor, there were four worthy choices, but only one candidate with a clear-cut history of ably working on behalf of Texans at the highest level with legislators from all over the state, each with their conflicting priorities, while simultaneously managing to largely rein in and neutralize the Democrat agenda.

He has demonstrated some impressive leadership during his time as Lt. Gov., working with legislators to help bring about the “Texas Miracle” which has led to Texas being the reason that America remains afloat during the ongoing dark, dreadful years of the Obama regime. (See chart below from the Dallas Federal Reserve)



But I agree with my friend, Big Jolly that this year no other candidate for the office has been able to say without a shadow of a doubt that Texas would have been better off if they’d wielded the gavel. They’ve even been unable to persuade Texans that the state would be stronger and better if they were to preside from the rostrum in Dewhurst’s place. Dewhurst also represents the best opportunity and strongest candidacy to defeat Democrat Senator Leticia Van de Putte in her effort to attain the Lieutenant Governorship.

To refer to David Dewhurst as a “moderate” is not just misleading, but deeply dishonest. By any measure, Dewhurst has been a conservative leader for Texas. Dewhurst has done more than almost anyone else to ensure that the leadership necessary to push the Conservative agenda forward has remained in place, in spite of the conflicting interests within the GOP and resistance from the opposition.

Consider the following: Passing a Voter ID bill, passing 20 week abortion restrictions, cutting taxes over 50 times, increased border security funding, and leading the way on the “Texas Miracle” so that Texas businesses could create nearly 2 million private sector jobs. Those are real accomplishments, not just campaign promises.

The questions that Texans (most especially Conservatives) must ask themselves are these: Do we want to grow or shrink? Does Dewhurst keep Texas Red or Blue? Does Dewhurst bring more people to the GOP tent, or push them out? Does Dewhurst make it easier or harder to win in November? It’s clear that the answers to these questions show conclusively that Dewhurst is the right choice for the post of Texas’ Lieutenant Governor.

Dewhurst is a proven commodity and an effective and able leader. He’s earned the chance to keep doing his job.

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