A lot of hard choices, but in the end, there can be only one.

In these selected 2014 Texas contested primary races, the following candidates have earned my support. This is not a rejection or abandonment of numerous friends who have worked tirelessly on behalf of their preferred candidate, nor does it mean that their efforts are without success. They have contributed immensely to the education of Texas voters, and I commend them for their hard work and dedication. Nor is the selection of a particular candidate a rejection of any principles and ideals I hold dear. I just feel that the candidates below largely represent the best possible answer to the Buckley rule: vote for the most electable conservative candidate against a Democrat. Regardless of who wins however, I will support and work for the nominee in the general election:

Governor – Greg Abbott

Lieutenant Governor – David Dewhurst

Attorney General – Barry Smitherman

State Comptroller – Debra Medina

Land Commissioner – George P. Bush

Agriculture Commissioner – Eric Opiela

Railroad Commissioner – Wayne Christian

United States Senator – John Cornyn

U.S. Representative CD 8 Kevin Brady

U.S. Representative CD 36 – Ben Streusand

Chief Justice Supreme Court – Nathan Hecht

Justice Supreme Court Place 6 – Jeff Brown

Justice Supreme Court Place 8 – Phil Johnson

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 3 – Bert Richardson

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 4 – Jani Jo Wood

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 9 – David Newell

State Senator District 7 – James Wilson

State Senator District 17 – Joan Huffman

State Representative District 129 – Briscoe Cain

State Representative District 132 – Michael Franks

State Representative District 134 – Sarah Davis

State Representative District 149 – Nghi Ho

State Representative District 150 – Debbie Riddle

Justice 1st Court of Appeals Place 3 – Russell Lloyd

District Judge 246th District – Charley Prine

District Judge 247th District – M.L. Walker

District Judge 263rd District – Robert Summerlin

District Judge 311th District – Anthony Magdaleno

Harris County Criminal Court at Law No. 10 – Tonya Rolland McLaughlin

District Clerk – Chris Daniel

County Treasurer – Orlando Sanchez

Harris County Department Education Trustee, At Large Place 5  – R.W. Bray

Harris County Department Education Trustee, At Large Place 7  – Dianne Williams

Justice of the Peace Pct. 4, Place 2 – Laryssa Korduba

Justice of the Peace Pct. 5, Place 2 – Jeff Williams

Harris County Party Chair – Paul Simpson

YES on all the Republican Primary Ballot Propositions

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