Jerry Bergman presents a compelling and well-reasoned paper explaining the damaging, misguided theory that life evolved spontaneously out of some primordial soup:

Why the Miller-Urey research argues against abiogenesis


Abiogenesis is the theory that under the proper conditions life can arise spontaneously from non-living molecules. One of the most widely cited studies used to support this conclusion is the famous Miller–Urey experiment. Surveys of textbooks find that the Miller–Urey study is the major (or only) research cited to prove abiogenesis. Although widely heralded for decades by the popular press as ‘proving’ that life originated on the early earth entirely under natural conditions, we now realize the experiment actually provided compelling evidence for the opposite conclusion. It is now recognized that this set of experiments has done more to show that abiogenesis on Earth is not possible than to indicate how it could be possible. This paper reviews some of the many problems with this research, which attempted to demonstrate a feasible method of abiogenesis on the early earth.

This is fascinating research that presents clear, logical and scientific reasoning to refute a badly flawed and incomplete theory that has led to much confusion and conflict for so many decades. Until science accepts that the fact that its inability to answer crucial questions necessarily means that their conclusions are incomplete, the truth will not be fully known or understood. This has irrefutable fact has enormous ramifications across all scientific disciplines, from biology to quantum physics, from the creation and evolution of life on earth to the nature of dark matter. To be anything less than cautious is to be deeply irresponsible. Read the full paper here.

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