I’m lost in thought, remembering the moment 20 years ago today when we learned that Kurt Cobain had died.

I was in my mom’s car, who had picked my sister and me up from school. We were on our way home, and we had the radio on, tuned to a news channel, when the announcer broke in with the news from Seattle. Terribly sad. Went to work that evening, and in the breakroom, MTV was running Nirvana videos and concert footage non-stop. The next day at school was subdued as a mood of sadness permeated the classrooms. Even those who weren’t fans felt the loss.

The 1990’s changed music forever, with new bands like the Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots leading the charge of alternative music on the playlists. But by every measurable criteria, music was never the same after the arrival of Nirvana, and was diminished by the passing of its brightest, most fiercely burning star.

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