You were never alone.

Even in your darkest moment,

When all seemed lost,

I was there with you.

I heard your voice when you were crying.

I felt your fear and anxiety.

I felt your shame and anger.

You weren’t ready.

You weren’t prepared.

Your reputation, your education,

Your career, your future;

All were at risk.

I wanted to tell you not to worry,

But my whispers could not reach you.

I heard the voices of your family and friends,

Contrary and conflicted,

Accusing and embracing,

Shaming and praising.

I heard when you were told what to expect,

What would happen,

What could happen,

What might never happen.

I heard you praying for an answer,

One you feared would never come.

Pleading that it wasn’t true,

That Fate and Faith would save you,

Begging for forgiveness.

It seemed an eternity passed while you waited,

As time raced by,

Dragged on,

Ran out.

Until finally,


The moment came – and you made a choice;

And nothing was ever the same.

You chose courage over fear,

You chose hope over despair,

You chose love over pain.

You chose life.

Thank you, mom.


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