Ready for Hillary? Her supporters cannot even name a single valid accomplishment. This enlightening video serves a valuable purpose. The people being interviewed aren’t just random people on the street unexpectedly; these are committed, dedicated supporters, party activists and loyalists who were happily waiting in line at a Hillary book signing. In other words, her most ardent supporters.

Hillary’s most prominent failures as First Lady (Hillarycare), Senator (failure to support the surge in Iraq), and Secretary of State (Russian ResetBenghazi) are well known and documented, but in the alarmingly narrow and closed-minded brains of the die-hard Liberal Leftist Lunatics who will be on the front lines of her campaign, those failures have actually been retconned into successes, achievements and qualities worthy of ascendance to the highest office in the land. In the fevered minds of her supporters, these abject failures – far from disqualifying Hillary from the Oval Office – become instead a stellar resume elevating her above any other candidates.

Keep in mind that this ill-informed, willfully blind idol worship is exactly what will pervade the entire left-wing commentariat and mainstream media writ large for the next 2 years and one begins to get a clear idea as to what awaits America if Democrats continue to be desperate enough to make Hillary their nominee in 2016. Any number of debates will not sway this zombie-like horde. No amount of fact-checking will dissuade them. A veritable avalanche of bad news reports will not turn them aside. They have no desire to think or understand, they are like a stomach which seeks only to be sated. They will have what they desire or they will raise holy hell.

They have already decided that Hillary must become president. Facts and truth be damned. They will destroy anyone who stands in their way, regardless how ridiculous, out-of-touch and navel-gazing Hillary seems to be:

You have been warned, America.

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