It was no surprise that the attack came.

It was no surprise that radical Muslim leaders denounced the event, excused the violence and justified the actions of the shooters on the grounds that “they were provoked.”


It was no surprise that attacks came from the Left, demanding that organizers of the event, including Pamela Geller and participant Geert Wilders explain how they had the temerity and the gumption to create and host the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” a gathering whose purpose was to display and create images of the Prophet Muhammad – images strictly forbidden by most Muslims as sacrilegious and blasphemy (who nonetheless, see no problem at all when radical Muslims blow themselves up in an effort to kill as many innocents as possible, or behead Christians, or abduct Nigerian schoolgirls, etc.).

The contest’s winning image, created by artist Bosch Fawstin


It was no surprise that in contrast to Paris, where cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo were massacred after a pair of heavily armed terrorists stormed the unsecured building, law enforcement officers in Texas not only responded quickly, but ended the Garland attack almost as quickly as it had begun.

It was no surprise that when attacked, Americans of diverse backgrounds, age, and race expressed not hatred and fear, but joined together to sing patriotic songs of unity and purpose.

Singing While Under Attack
Photo By Bob Price of Breitbart Texas

It was no surprise that organizations like CAIR and members of Congress like Andre Carson, Joe Crowley and Keith Ellison tried and failed to prevent the event from taking place; mostly by attempting to use the power of the Federal Government to block keynote speaker Geert Wilder’s entry to the United States.

It was no surprise that the reaction from the left, the media and appeasers of radical Islam was to say “they had it coming,” “How dare you hold this kind of event?” “What else did you expect?” “Too bad the shooters didn’t get Geller or Wilders.”

What was surprising is that we were surprised.


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