A recent incident provided me perfect clarity on a volatile issue. My family and I recently stopped by our local Chick-fil-A – a family favorite – for some dinner. I posted to Facebook a status update on how we enjoyed the restaurant because of the good food and friendly people. In response, some friends and family on Facebook attacked my post, equating Chick-fil-A with the Nazis. Claims were made that the restaurant is the epitome of hatred.

Let’s be perfectly clear on the nature and definition of Hate. In 2012, Dan Cathy, the President and COO of Chick-fil-A, expressed his personal opinion of his personal views on the issue of marriage. That is not hate. He did not say Chick-fil-A corporate policy is to discriminate against gays or even that he himself would refuse to serve them.

However, in response, many LGBT activists and supporters attacked some restaurant locations, defacing property, and engaged in nation-wide protests & boycotts of the restaurant chain. That was an act of hatred. When a Colorado bakery declined to participate in a gay wedding, many LGBT activists and supporters took steps to attack the owners and the business. They demanded that the bakery be punished for refusing to participate in a ceremony contrary to their deeply-held, faith-based, religious beliefs, going so far as to cause the bakery to be sued and fined. That was an act of hatred.

There is a difference between making a case for marriage equality (debating the facts and making persuasive arguments) and bullying the opposite side into silence by demanding their surrender and acceptance with slanderous labels and threats of lawsuits. Increasingly however, that seems to be the case. Many LGBT activists and supporters have decided that they want to grind opposition – of any nature and to any degree – into oblivion. They will not tolerate any opinion or views contrary to their own. They use the tactics of coercion, intimidation and violence to push their agenda forward.

Yes, things are changing, and soon – probably very soon – marriage equality will be the norm. Given the slow, inexorable moral decline of American society, it may well be inevitable in a very real way. None of that excuses the ongoing bullying, angry, hateful and slanderous attacks against all those who continue to believe in the heterosexual ideal of marriage and family – something in which the vast majority of humanity have believed for millennia.

We must never deny the humanity or dignity of the LGBT person, but to be attacked for believing in the historically and universally traditional understanding of the definitions of marriage and family – that is an act of hatred. The illustration I’ve included below serves to make the distinction between the two. One is one man’s personal belief. The other is Hate.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Be Perfectly Clear

  1. Thanks for posting, I have felt exactly what you’re talking about, tolerance is what they preach, tolerance is not what they practice, and yet we are the hypocrites.
    Freedom for LGBT, not for conservatives.


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