At the top of the Democrat party, the leaders who stand poised to shepherd America further down the path of decay and decline stand proudly as fascists. They hide behind their claims to being “Liberals” and “Progressives”, titles that have misleading connotations and meanings. The new fascists, a development long since derided as an historical impossibility have arisen.

Angry and violent, their hatred motivates them to seek total control over the lives of every citizen. They no longer see any need to moderate their views or hide their intentions. They no longer seek the best solution for the largest number of people, but instead special privileges and preferred status for their supporters, clients and adherents.

All the laws we’ve passed don’t count for much if they’re not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice not just paper. Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.  –  Hillary Clinton

“If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”  –  Barack Obama

“If you look at patient satisfaction surveys, what you end up finding is that the V.A. holds up as good or better than private hospitals. By and large, veterans throughout America believe that they’re getting pretty good health care.”  –  Bernie Sanders

The fascists tell us to ignore and overlook the evidence of their failures, the decline they have engineered and the nihilism fundamental to their ideology. They have slowly created an environment in which their views and ideas hold sway – partially on threat of violence, partially by dint of corruption, and always by lying.

These efforts have achieved surprising success – not among the average citizen, but through the institutions and outlets that represent entertainment, education and culture. In so doing, the fascists have established that it is they – and only they – who will do the following:

It is they who will decide winners and losers, not the market.

It is they who will decide the definitions of life, marriage and prosperity, not science, history and facts.

It is they who will decide the meanings of words, not a commonly shared understanding.

It is they who will decide what constitutes terrorism, violence against women, rape, racism, and hatred, not the victims.

It is they who will decide which groups can riot and rampage with impunity, not law or reason.

It is they who will decide the purpose, significance and relevance of science, not the scientists.

It is they who decide whether or not someone is a “true” journalist, worthy of the Constitutional protections, not a writer’s content, forum or audience.

It is they who will decide which parts of the Constitution are relevant, how they should be interpreted and implemented, not judges or history – and certainly not the Founders.

It is they who will decide the meaning of empathy, kindness, family, and love, not our conscience, our hearts and certainly not God.

For too long, we misunderstood the nature of the beast we faced. We assumed that Democrats wanted to implement socialist policies in an effort to force equality. What we’ve failed to understand is that Democrats have been pushing socialist policy in an effort to bring about a fascist state, where full totalitarian control of the citizenry could be implemented.

They desire to create an empire of control in which contrary opinions, opposing views and inconvenient history are eliminated, expunged and erased. Their reach has no limit. From birth to death, they wish to exert god-like domination over every aspect of human interaction and activity, and react with rage and violence when faced with opposition.

Most chilling of all, they no longer even deny their desire to control all aspects of the daily lives of every citizen. They want to control what you eat, what you drive, how much energy and water you use,  so they claim the authority, and back it up with threats of prosecution, fines and imprisonment.

Understand that things will get worse before they can get better. In order to fully implement their worldview, they will make use of existing law (contorted into whatever meaning is needed), the mob (incited directly or through their toadies), and popular culture including the mainstream media. These forces stand arrayed against the common man, like the entire Imperial Fleet against the ragtag Rebel Alliance.

While the empire will continue to strike back, it is the new hope of resurgent conservatism that stands against the onslaught. It is our only hope.

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