Courtesy of Mitch Berg at Shot in the Dark comes the chart above, which illustrates perfectly the endless flaws in arguments against the freedom to bear firearms, guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

The tragedy of mass shootings begins and ends not with guns, but with damaged, deranged, evil people, many of whom suffer the demonic afflictions of mental illness. Compounding this adversity, the vast majority of these people adhere to either severely twisted, violent interpretations of religion, or nihilistic atheism. Until we as a society address the dual crises of rising mental illness, and declining values, morals, and ethics shaped by positive, affirming faith, we will continue to suffer catastrophes of this magnitude or worse.

One thought on “What’s the Answer to Gun Violence?

  1. You know, we got a lot of nuts in this world. All one can do is take personal responsibility to protect oneself. Take personal responsibility when driving you vehicle on the road. Buckle up, look both ways, check the rear mirror, etc….

    Many times when I pull up to a stop light near a freeway, there is a man holding up a sign asking for money, or a squeegee. Do I open up the window, do I watch him warily? Is my hand on the center console box, where there is a Glock 17 inside?

    Being responsible also means that I analyze a situation correctly. There is no such thing as a “Safe” neighborhood. I remember a few years back during a lockdown at Jackson Intermediate in PISD, where a robber ran on the campus after doing the convenience store across the street from the school, that I as a Substitute teacher had to herd the kids into a corner, close the shades and lock the doors. I was unarmed. In Israel, teachers are members of IDF. And many of them are armed.

    We are doing everything the wrong way in this country and that is the problem.

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