Donald Trump is the angry guy at the precinct meeting. The frustrated guy at the townhall. The angry guy at the bar. The frustrated guy at the backyard bbq.

He’s the guy railing about the stupidity of the government, the corruption, the incompetence, the flat out worthlessness of it all; but most of all, the pathetic response and efforts of his own party. He’s the guy who went to work right after he got out of school, who hasn’t really spent a lot of time in politics, but has worked hard to build a life.

He’s the guy who was a democrat once, a while ago, back before Carter, maybe back when Slick Willie made it cool to be a Dem. Things were great, he had a good job, and life looked promising. He felt like a “woman’s right to choose” was probably okay, because he didn’t really look into how bad abortion was at the time. He wasn’t particularly religious, and Reagan was gone, so, time for a new way to be, right?

He’s the guy whose world has been turned upside down by the militant Left and emasculated Right. Everything he believed in has been reduced, eroded, and washed out, and mostly without his noticing. But now he sees the situation as a precarious one, and he wonders aloud who will pay to clean up the mess.

He’s the average Joe or Jill who wonders about problems and talks about possible solutions aloud with friends or family, many of whom agree with him, sagely nodding their heads, adding in tales of their own similar experiences, but sometimes shrugging. Eventually though, people find better solutions.

This video from Friend Dog Studios perfectly encapsulates the concept.

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