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In these selected 2015 city of Houston contested races, the following candidates have earned my support. This is not a rejection or abandonment of numerous friends who have either campaigned, or worked tirelessly on behalf of their preferred candidate, nor does it mean that their efforts are without success. They have contributed immensely to the education of Houston voters, and I commend them for their hard work and dedication. Nor is the selection of a particular candidate a rejection of any principles and ideals I hold dear. I just feel that the candidates below largely represent the best possible answer to the Buckley rule: vote for the most electable conservative candidate who can win.

PLEASE click on the links to the candidate / propositions and support the efforts.

City of Houston Mayor: Bill King
City of Houston Controller: Bill Frazer
City Council – District A: Brenda Stardig
City Council – District C: Carl Jarvis
City Council – District E: Dave Martin
City Council – District F: Steve Le
City Council – District G: Sandie Mullins Moger
City Council – At Large 1: Mike Knox
City Council – At Large 2: Eric Dick
City Council – At Large 3: Michael Kubosh
City Council – At Large 4: Matt Murphy
City Council – At Large 5: Jack Christie
City of Houston Proposition 1: No
City of Houston Proposition 2: Yes

Harris County Propositions: YES on Prop. 1 & 4; NO on Prop. 2 & 3
State of Texas Constitutional Amendments: YES on all


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