Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

On the occasion of your birthday, I wanted to send you greetings and well wishes. I pray your day is filled with immense joy and that you are surrounded by family and friends. Yom Huledet Sameach!

As an American, I take great pride in the special friendship the United States of America and Israel have enjoyed since the founding of the Jewish state in 1948. Our relationship has existed even before the founding, as Americans of all backgrounds, from both parties worked together to help create a homeland for the Jewish people following the horrors of World War II.

Over time, that relationship matured into one of mutual respect and admiration as Israel, our ally and friend, demonstrated its commitment to peace, freedom and democracy as the only outpost of liberty in the Middle East. Surrounded by enemies bent on her destruction, Israel never descended into the anarchy, brutality or violence of the Arab states, or the cynicism of the West, but instead remained optimistic and hopeful of the future, while working on peaceful relations with all.

Even in the face of multiple wars, all of which pitted Israel against numerically superior forces, simultaneously, from various attacking nations, on several fronts, Israel triumphed once and again, without becoming an invading army, or violating the Geneva Convention or human rights. Instead, Israel focused on implementing a plan for peace that kept its citizens safe, and her enemies as impotent as possible.

In spite of America’s infrequent steadfastness as an ally and friend, our relationship has always largely been a positive, mutually beneficial one, even when we disagreed. You could always count on America to support you and have your back – in the United Nations, on the international stage, against the Soviets, against the enemies surrounding you, against those within our own nation who seek your destruction.

But now, things have taken a turn for the worse, and the leaders of America no longer have the integrity, courage and leadership that once made them reliable friends and allies. Instead we’ve betrayed the trust that has built up over so many years.

I’m sorry we’ve turned our backs on you. I’m sorry we no longer stand beside you unquestioningly. I’m sorry we’ve let events and circumstances degrade our relationship to the point that we no longer hold you to the esteem you deserve. I’m sorry we’ve allowed “daylight” between us, as you struggle to maintain security for your nation and your people against intractable foes.

I’m sorry we’ve placed your people in mortal jeopardy with a misguided, poorly-negotiated, and dangerous agreement that allows the terrorist-sponsoring mullahs of Iran to develop nuclear weapons – weapons they have promised will be used to “wipe Israel from the map in less than twenty-five years.”

I’m sorry we no longer hold you in the esteem we once did, but instead now view you as an embarrassing obstacle, an impediment to be managed. I’m sorry we continue to find opportunities to denigrate you in the international community, in the White House press room, from the desk of the President, and from the left side of the Congressional aisle.

I’m sorry we’ve betrayed your trust and our promise. I’m sorry we haven’t had the integrity to be strong and recognize the difference between good and evil, between right and wrong. I’m sorry we haven’t been honest and fair with you. You deserve better.

We hope and pray that the upcoming election in 2016 brings a leader of principle, courage and conviction to the Oval Office, and that Republicans continue to hold both houses of Congress. Then, and only then will we be worthy of the friendship we once enjoyed with you.

Until then, pray for us.


Your American Friend.


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