Conservatism is alive and well in Houston. With a surge of right-leaning voters leading turnout for the 2015 election, not only was mayoral candidate Bill King carried into the December 12 runoff against progressive Sylvester Turner, but Mayor Annise Parker’s widely despised and loathed HER Ordinance was repealed by voters across party lines in a resounding landslide, 61% to 39%.

Additionally, conservative candidates Brenda Stardig, Greg Travis, Dave Martin, and Michael Kubosh were all elected outright to Houston City Council, and the following candidates all received enough votes to qualify for the runoff election:

Mayor – Bill King

City Controller – Bill Frazer

At-Large Position 1 – Mike Knox

At-Large Position 2 – Willie R. Davis

At-Large Position 4 – Roy Morales

At-Large Position 5 – Jack Christie

District F – Steve Le

Pundits and pollsters declared that with HERO on the ballot, not only would the ordinance be retained, but progressives would handily win the two spots for the mayoral runoff, and win most of the contended city council seats. Their biased, myopic world view has proven to be wrong yet again, as HERO was destroyed in a landslide and numerous conservative leaders not only won election outright to city council, but many qualified for the December runoff.

The Left underestimated Houston conservatives, and overestimated their hold on Houston’s African-American and Hispanic communities, both of which expressed strong opposition to HERO. Together, this coalition can rebuild the city and move forward into a brighter future.



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