Since 2008, Barack Obama has presided over the absolute destruction of the Democrat Party as a national force. Other than competing for the presidency, the Democrats across America are in steep decline and retreat, as they lose election after election.

Chuck Todd on Meet The Press:

It is no secret that Democratic candidates across the country have struggled at the polls since President Obama took office. But just how badly have Democrats been performing? Well, let’s start with Congress. Since 2009, Democrats have lost a net of 13 Senate seats and a whopping 69 House seats. Now let’s put this in some historical context.

You have to go all the way back to Eisenhower to match this many losses for a party that controls the White House with Senate seats, 13 of them. And in the House, it’s been 100 years since a two-term president’s party suffered worse losses. That was Woodrow Wilson and the Democrats, 99 House seats.

Let’s go to the state level with President Obama. Under him, Democrats have lost control of 12 governorships, including just this past week in Kentucky.

Plus they’ve given up 30 state legislative chambers. And ready for this? Over 900 state legislative seats. No administration since Nixon-Ford saw more governor and state legislative chamber losses in the president’s own party.

The irrefutable fact is this: there is no glorious Progressive Utopia on the horizon. There never was. The Obama political machine without Obama is no machine. In the age of Obama, in a normal election, with a Republican versus a DemProgLib, all things being equal, DemProgLibs don’t win. They can’t win.

The failed, and failing policies and proposals of the left are largely rejected by the American voter every time they have a chance to choose. When they don’t have a say, and the policies are put forward by regulation or decree, Americans have made the left pay the price at the ballot box. 2008 and 2012 were largely personality-based campaigns that carried the first black president into office. That item has now been checked off of America’s bucket list.

America accepted the empty promises, empty rhetoric and empty hope of Barack Obama, and got back so much more. More debt, more joblessness, more corruption in government, more racial division, more political polarization, more emboldened enemies and more distrustful allies around the globe. It’s little wonder they’ve turned right – away from the sinking ship.

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