With his stunning win in Iowa, Ted Cruz proved that the resurgence of Conservatism is real, the “Silent Majority” is back, and that the contrast between the parties must be bold and principled. Of the remaining viable candidates in the field of Republican candidates seeking the 2106 GOP nomination, Ted Cruz represents the best chance to move the Conservative / Liberty agenda forward, and is best positioned to pick up support from most of the campaigns and candidates as they falter. Cruz vastly outperformed expectations in Iowa, greatly increasing support, especially from conservative evangelical voters. Most of all, as a student of the constitution, and someone who understands and respects the proper role of government and separation of powers, he is best suited to lead the country, providing a welcome change from the corrupt, criminal, imperial presidency of Obama.

Marco Rubio also offers a powerful and undeniable defense of Conservatism, reflected in his first campaign for U.S. Senate, where he defeated corruptocrat and establishment darling Charlie Crist not just once, but twice, in the primary and again in the general election. His campaign thus far has presented a striking contrast to that of Hillary Clinton, and provides conservatives and moderate-right leaning voters a solid consensus option for uniting the party. He very much out-performed expectations in Iowa and his sound views on the economy and foreign policy line up almost perfectly with the party and the broader electorate. Were he and Cruz to run together, the ticket would be unstoppable.

Donald Trump lost and lost badly. Finishing in second place, days after the most reliable polls showed him with a narrow but solid lead illustrates the weakness of the Trump campaign better than any debate has thus far. That he barely edged out third-place finisher Rubio is a warning sign that GOP voters are in the process of consolidating the establishment / conservative wings of the party around both Cruz and Rubio, and Trump’s lane and path to the nomination are narrowing. He must follow the loss in Iowa with a clear and indisputable win in New Hampshire, and then with wins in South Carolina and Nevada to remain in the running. It is critical that he be defeated; not just soon, but soundly. The party does not want / need to have Trump with any sway over the party convention in July. The sooner this can be accomplished, the sooner the party can focus on ending the threat from the left.

Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and John Kasich have one chance in New Hampshire to secure a victory – either win, place or show. None of the three ever had a chance in Iowa, and none of the three can afford to lose. A loss in New Hampshire means the race is over for any of these three.

Rand Paul has been an indispensable voice for limited government and liberty in the Senate. That is where he is needed and that is where he should remain. Setting aside a few surveys that have shown him gaining a point here or there, Paul has consistently registered near the bottom of the polls. Paul’s failure to attract more support from the conservative base of the party, a lackluster campaign, weak fundraising, and distance from establishment support doomed his campaign for the GOP 2016 nomination.

Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Rick Santorum and  have no viable options left, no paths to victory in sight. They have no support from the establishment, and little commensurate backing from the grassroots. They would do best to withdraw and immediately support Cruz / Rubio to bring an end to the Trump campaign. That is the best way they could serve their party.

Mike Huckabee is gone. Thank you for your service, Governor.



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