While trying to comprehend the rise of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the American Leftist Horde, it occurred to me that today’s modern embrace of socialism has a corresponding cultural reference point that serves to illustrate the point rather well.

The shifting political dynamic, in which younger voters, especially millennials, have become smitten with the idea of socialism, especially when represented by elite leftists and seen through the lenses of western-European, Scandinavian-type socialism, is alarming because it proves that they are completely unaware or despairingly unmoved by socialism’s long tragic history, strewn with the ashes of 100 million victims.

The problem is that in the minds of today’s younger voters, the perception of socialism was shaped not by the Cold War and its existential threat to humanity, but by leftist indoctrination beginning in grade school, by Obama, Occupy Wall Street and the Black Lives Matter movements. To those with experience, it is a horrifying monster, to the young naifs cheering on Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, it does not look like anything other than Santa Claus.

The phenomenon is much like watching a stereotypical horror / slasher movie, in which a group of young, naïve, self-centered, self-indulgent people travel to​ some remote place to seek out a legend – perhaps as a dare, or as part of a rite of passage – about which they have only read in text books or heard in old stories, while they take every opportunity to satiate their various lusts.

Upon arriving in the remote place / town / lost village, they begin asking questions about the legend to the various folk they encounter. Inevitably, they are warned by crotchety old denizens that the legends of the horrible monster / ghost / beast are true, that the victims were real, and that the naifs would do well to cease seeking the legend / myth, because to encounter it means certain death and / or doom.

But of course, the babes in the wood laugh off the fears and concerns of the older people, insisting that the fears are unfounded, the stories driven by superstition, the legends overstated and disproven by a rewritten, revised, rose-colored history. They continue seeking out this ancient legend, exhuming it, exposing it and bring it out to light and in so doing they doom everyone in their group and in the town by releasing the monster.

That’s exactly how it is.

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