Nearly a full eight years in, and the sobering facts are indisputable, the sad truth undeniable: Obama has been a total disaster as President, and his time in office will be viewed through history as an colossal, abject failure. Aside from the extermination of Osama bin Laden, all of his “accomplishments” can credibly be said to have achieved little to nothing, increased animosity and division of Americans, and have fundamentally and demonstrably made America worse.

He has exploded our debt, weakened our military, undermined our constitution, worsened race relations, fanned class warfare, promoted socialism, alienated friends, emboldened our enemies, ignored our laws, erased our border, flooded our cities with enemies, punished success, wreaked havoc on our healthcare system, coarsened our culture, demonized the police, poisoned our politics, weaponized the IRS, EPA and other government agencies, and turned our schools into reeducation camps.

The reality that Democrats will nominate Hillary Clinton – an unaccomplished fraud, a pathological liar & unworthy of the office of President – to succeed Obama gives Conservatives an opportunity to make the case that most voters are seeking and actively hoping for: that America rejects and repudiates the Obama agenda and regrets the Obama years.

Clinton’s ineptitude and inadequacy as a candidate are real and measurable. She has been rejected by a large majority of younger voters in the Democrat primary process thus far, and is largely viewed as being dishonest, untrustworthy and a liar by Democrats and Americans overall. She has proven to be a purely political creature, driven by a hunger for power, and is willing to say anything toward achieving this goal:

Any view that Clinton represents an opportunity to elect the first female President, and that this irrelevant trivia will outweigh any other considerations pales in the white-hot glare of the reality of the dumpster fire / Clinton candidacy: she is viewed as thoroughly unlikable by the vast majority of voters; women included, and the perceptions of her as a liar, untrustworthy and dishonest far outrank any of the weak and concocted “accomplishments” as Secretary of State and First Lady she and her minions tout.

From the inestimable Jonah Goldberg:

The funny thing about Sanders and Clinton is that neither is a natural politician. But this works for Sanders and it doesn’t for Hillary. It works for Sanders because whatever you think about him, it’s pretty apparent that he is sincere. The man is drawn in indelible ink and there’s no erasing the contours of his soul.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, has been drawn in pencil, erased, re-drawn and re-erased so many times — like a little kid doing over a stick figure again and again on the same piece of paper — that the gray smudges and worn-away tears in the paper are far more permanent than the lines.

It’s not that Hillary can’t be sincere, it’s that she’s faked sincerity for so long, about so many things, she can’t really be sure if she’s being sincere.

This helps explain why her sense of humor can be so awful. When you joke, by definition you’re not being sincere. But if you don’t know what sincerity is, you can’t successfully craft something fake. It’s like trying to forge a painting with no clear memory of the image you’re trying to copy.

For instance, whenever she’s asked an awkward question she laughs so artificially it makes my dogs bark at the TV screen. When asked if she “wiped” her server, she responded, “Like with a cloth or something?” No doubt she thought this was a clever retort, but the retort landed squarely in the land between sincerity and humor known as failed sarcasm. Almost all of her “jokes” and a lot of her “sincerity” land there because the only feeling she’s really in touch with is resentment at having to answer to all the little people. Bill Clinton could have sold the line about being “broke” coming out of the White House because Bill can fake sincerity the way a prostitute can fake enjoyment; he knows exactly what it’s supposed to sound like.

The plain fact is that Hillary Clinton is a badly weak and vulnerable candidate, one poorly suited to the times and needs of the country, who could easily be beaten if only voters paused a moment to think a moment on the good of the Republic, and if Conservatives and Republicans worked to advance the arguments against her, rather than becoming mired in fear of offending or “alienating” voters who in reality want to be rescued.

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