In 2014, a political earthquake rocked Harris County as grassroots activist and long-time political veteran Paul Simpson unseated the incumbent chair of the Harris County Republican Party, ushering in a wave of growth, and optimism, fueled by youth and diversity.

After falling short of an outright win in the 2016 primary, Chairman Simpson faces one his biggest challenges yet: the runoff election slated for May 24. Simpson spoke with me about the race, his qualifications, and long history as a grassroots political activist with a record of accomplishment.

Listen to the show HERE.

  • Several listeners sent me this eye-opening, thought-provoking material at the following link. For more info on the topic, check out this piece from Colleen Vera at her Texas Trash Talk site: Simpson or Ramos?

2 thoughts on “The American Chronicles – Ep. 011 – Paul Simpson for Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party

  1. The simple fact is that Paul Simpson never took a real stand on HERO. All he did was said some things and words about how it was not something that government should be doing, But the real issue is that Annise Parker was trying to pass an ANTI-BIBLICAL LAW AND FORCE PEOPLE IN HOUSTON TO AGREE. Why didn’t he take a stand against her? When Jared Woodfill called her out, he told it like it is and worked to stop her. Paul didn’t do that. That shows where he stands.


  2. Paul Simpson is by far the best qualified candidate for the job. We had to live with an incompetent chairman like Woodfill for years – someone who ignored the grassroots, the changing, culture, and didn’t want to make the hard choices to build the party for the future. Ramos would be a return to the Woodfill era, where people like Hotze and Lowry would control the party. Imagine Donald Trump in charge of Harris County.


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